The proposed research project aims at exploring the current regime for business and human rights in the Slovenian and international legal order and to create the original normative solutions for their reform. The original approaches to improving normative legal orders have been lacking in the business and human rights both at home and at international level, and thereafter at implementation phase. As a result, the project will try to fill the gap by providing a set of holistic tools and contents for decision-makers both at domestic and international levels to reform domestic and international legal frameworks in the area of ​​corporate responsibility for human rights. The decision-makers will be able to improve their legal system at domestic and international level in order to achieve corporate responsibility for human rights and enforce corporate accountability for potential violations. The objectives of the research can be further divided into theoretical, normative and empirical-practical ones.

Theoretical goals


Develop a holistic theoretical and normative model for business and human rights, taking into account the values-philosophical foundations;


To prepare and formulate normative solutions for an international treaty on business and human rights and for changes in the Slovenian constitutional and legal frameworks for business and human rights;

Empirical-practical goals


Define the extent of business and human rights both in the global and Slovenian context and in the nature of the most common human rights violations, which will serve as a starting point for the development of theoretical and normative model;


Conduct interview with stakeholders in the field of business and human rights, both from the public administration, the economy and civil society, in order to define different aspects of understanding and the need for reform of the domestic and international regulation of business and human rights;

Normative goals


Develop and form concrete proposals, guidelines and recommendations for the holistic reform of international and Slovenian legal frameworks for business and human rights with the aim of protecting and realizing human rights, which will create a space for new original research;


To prepare guidelines and recommendations for corporations owned or partially owned by the Slovenian state and private corporations for business and human rights when operating outside Slovenia’s borders;