About the project

The research project places itself in the field of business and human rights, which requires a highly comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach. The research project proceeds from their previous foundational research and represents the relationship between respect and the provision of human rights on the one hand and the economic spheres of life, including key actors in this field, on the other. We will address the theoretical basis for understanding this aspect of human rights (the legal point of view will be at the forefront, which will be supplemented by the philosophical and economic point of view) as well as the normative-practical aspect, where we will examine the current situation (globally, and especially within the Slovenian legal order) and set out guidelines and foundations for reform in this area, which can bring the actual situation closer to an holistic model that will be developed at the level of theory.

Research group

The project leader is prof. dr. Jernej Letnar Černič. Dr. Letnar Černič is an Associate Professor of Human Rights and Constitutional Law at the Faculty of National and European Studies at the New University.

Members of the research team are also dr. Gorazd Justinek, dr. Matej Avbelj, dr. Katarina Vatovec, dr. Vojko Strahovnik, dr. Rok Svetlič, dr. Katja Triller Vrtovec and dr. Bojan Žalec.

Research objectives

Some of the objectives of the research are to develop a holistic theoretical and normative model for business and human rights, taking into account the values-philosophical foundations; Define the extent of business and human rights both in the global and Slovenian context and in the nature of the most common human rights violations, which will serve as a starting point for the development of theoretical and normative model; Conduct interviews with stakeholders in the field of business and human rights, both from the public administration, the economy and civil society, in order to define different aspects of understanding and the need for reform of the domestic and international regulation of business and human rights;